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With over a decade of groundwork, Hytsu continues to excel. We are committed to improving product quality, raising the bar on competitors.

At Hytsu, customers are our first priority. Our main production lines are tasked with the manufacturing of forklifts and material handling equipment. Guided by market trends, these two lines have successfully introduced numerous new models that have been very well received.

Our company has great proficiency with quality assurance techniques, supply chain management, and process control management. A high degree of specialization enables us to coordinate each cycle of production with advanced techniques and effective supervision. Our experience allows us to approach the manufacturing process with bias. We implement preferential treatment techniques for select products so that they may remain competitive.

Within the European Industrial Park of Shanghai, the group has established a large warehouse dedicated to the storage of spare parts. Aside from supplementing our production needs, the warehouse also acts as a distribution hub that can provide clients with spares for timely repairs.