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Hytsu provides products such as the 5 to 7 ton container-only forklift, 1 to 2.5 ton electric forklift, 1 to 10 ton internal combustion forklift, as well as the automatic loading and unloading truck. We also manufacture vehicles with both auto and manual modes such as the 1 to 2 ton stacker and the 1 to 5 ton pallet truck.

Our products combine streamlined exterior designs with sophisticated computerized systems to enable features such as centralized control, multi lift height presets, and hyper sensitive pressure control. The pricing of Hytsu products are highly competitive when compared with similar products on the market.

Our products have following characteristics:

Flexible operational design provides comfort. Intellectual control improves automation. Numerous adjustable settings grant freedom of customization. Safe and reliable, the Hytsu guarantee. Superior working performance offers high efficiency. Environmental friendly operations lower carbon emission.